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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website?

Vidgen is an automated video creation tool. You supply a URL or raw HTML content, and Vidgen will convert it into a narrated slideshow video.

The name Vidgen is short for video generator.

How does it work?

Vidgen automatically analyzes your content, summarizes the text, and renders images into a short video.

  • Key sentences from content text are displayed as subtitles.
  • Images are optimized, zoomed to their focal points, and transitioned using smooth crossfades.
  • Text-to-speech narration audio is spoken synchonously with displayed summary sentences.
  • Background music is chosen from a selection of over 80 instrumental pieces based on verbiage tone and subjectivity.
  • A downloadable MP4 video file is rendered in 16:9 aspect ratio at 720p and 25 FPS. Video is encoded in H.264 baseline level 3, audio in AAC, for maximum compatibility with all devices.

Generated mp4 videos are available to be purchased for a period of about 2 hours. Once purchased, you can download the video up to 3 times for 3 days.

How is my content summarized?

Vidgen counts the occurrences of entity words in your content, and then chooses the sentences that contain the most of those entity words, with extra weight being placed on sentences that occur at the beginning and end of your content.

How do I customize my video?

You can choose the images and text that are displayed in your video by adding special attributes to your HTML elements.

A direct API and a user interface for video customization are in the works, and will be available soon.

How are generated videos licensed? What can I do with them?

Whatever you want, as long as it's legal. You can post it on Youtube, embed it in your blog, or use it for any personal or commercial purpose.

Vidgen does not claim any ownership or copyright of your video. As long as you have the copyright to or have permissions to use the media contained in the video, it's yours and any copyright belongs to you.

Purchased videos can be downloaded 3 times for a period of 3 days.

What about the video's narration audio and music? How is that licensed?

Narration audio: Vidgen has obtained a royalty-free distribution license for all user generated narration audio, which means it can be used and distributed in your video, by you, for both personal and commercial purposes. But please note that the narration audio cannot be separately extracted from the video and used for other purposes.

Music: all music contained in generated videos is in the Public Domain, so you can mostly do what you want with it, with some notable exceptions like claiming you created it or own the copyright, or using it a way that suggests the copyright own endorses your or your works.

Vidgen will soon be adding more music that is licensed under Creative Commons that will require attribution to the music's copyright holder.

What do you do with generated videos?

Vidgen retains them for a short period of time for troubleshooting and debugging purposes. We do not distribute, share, or make your video available to 3rd parties (except as needed for private data storage with hosting providers). After the retention period has expired, your video and all its associated media files are permanently purged from the Vidgen systems.

I made a video and it sucks. How can I make it better?

Vidgen is still being perfected and unfortunately, not all generated videos will be outstanding. You can try using the HTML API to customize your video. Or try altering your content using the tips below, and then resubmit.

The More Images, The Better

If your content does not contain any images, your video's visuals will just be a black background with summarized subtitles. It's best to have at least 1 image in your content. More images will make your video more engaging. Some other image tips:

  • Only jpg, jpeg, png images are supported, and must have dimensions of at least 200x100px.
  • Recommended image dimensions are at least 1280x720px. Images smaller than this will be scaled up, which may result in a loss of display resolution.
  • The recommended aspect ratio of images is 16:9, otherwise they may be displayed with mattes (black bars on the sides).
  • A maximum of 30 images per video are currently supported, but only the first images that will reasonably fit into the video (based on video duration) are used.
One Content Per Submission

Only submit URL's or HTML that contain a single article, blog post, or text content. If there are multiple pieces of content on the page, Vidgen may have difficulty choosing the correct one to convert to video.

Avoid Run-on Sentences in Your Text Content

Vidgen summarizes your content by finding its most important sentences. If these sentences are really long, they'll be broken up into multiple subtitles, which may increase your video's duration. This may also make the audio narration of your sentences sound like it's droning on.

Subtitles are limited to 95 characters per line, so try to keep your sentences limited to 380 characters or less. That way they'll fit into at most 2 displayed subtitles, at 2 lines each.

English Only

Vidgen only supports English text content, but will expand to support other languages in the future.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for purchased videos. The sole exception to this rule is if you are unable to download your purchased video due to a technical fault with the Vidgen systems.

Can I edit my video and remove the Vidgen branding image at the end?


Can I use Vidgen to create a video of any URL or content I desire?

No. You can only use Vidgen to create videos of content that you have the rights to create derivative works of. This means you either own the copyright to all the source content (text, images, and other media), or you have been given permission by the copyright owner to use it in the creation of a derivative work.

And, of course, you can't use Vidgen to make a video of any type of unlawful content.

WTF. Why can't I make videos of other people's content? Isn't that fair use?

I don't know, I'm not a lawyer. It's just against Vidgen's Terms of Service to create a video of content that you don't have the copyright to or permission to make derivative works of.

How do I prevent Vidgen from making any videos using content from my website?

By blocking the Vidgen robot in your site's robots.txt file.