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Upcoming Features

The future features and enhancements that are planned for Vidgen.

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ID Feature Status Estimated Release Actual Release


Improve Audio Narration Subtitle Synchronization

Audio narration is not always synced up with the display of longer sentences that are broken up into multiple sets of subtitles. The display of the 2nd subtitle of the longer sentence can sometimes lag behind the narration.

planned 2017-01-15


HTML Attribute API: specify which images to display over which subtitles

Currently, users can specify the order subtitles and images are displayed using HTML attributes. But there is no way to specify which images should be displayed with particular subtitles. So accept new values for the data-vidgen-img attribute that assign an image to one or more subtitles, maybe like this:

<img data-vidgen-img="subtitle1,subtitle2" src="foo.jpg">
<img data-vidgen-img="subtitle3" src="baz.jpg">
<span data-vidgen-subtitle="1">Foo</span>
<span data-vidgen-subtitle="2">Bar</span>
<span data-vidgen-subtitle="3">Baz</span>

The above would make the resulting video display as:

[foo.jpg]  [baz.jpg]
 Foo Bar       Baz
planned 2017-01-15


Subscription Billing

Monthly subscriptions to the Vidgen service will be offered at reduced prices and shorter queue wait times.

planned 2017-01-31


Amazon Polly Voices

Offer the text-to-speech voices of the Amazon Poll service as options for video narrations.

planned 2017-02-15


HTML Attribute API: choose video properties

Need a way for users to choose things like:

  • music on/off/which music
  • target video duration
  • TTS voice on/off which music
  • subtitle boxes on/off
  • branding image

using the HTML Attribute API

planned 2017-02-15



Allow users to programmatically create videos via an API.

planned 2017-02-28


Support GIF, SVG input images

GIF and SVG image formats should be supported so they can be incorporated into videos.

planned 2017-02-28


Expand Music Selections

Offer a wider range of music selections. Since end users will most likely want to be able to use their videos for commercial purposes, this will require either more public domain music, or Create Commons music that has necessary attributions displayed as credits at the end of videos.

planned 2017-02-28


Video Customization Interface

Implement a basic user interface that allows the end user to customize their video, including:

  • video branding
  • custom video duration
  • image selection
  • narration voice or no narration
  • music on/off, which music
  • the title, byline, and subtitle texts to display
  • subtitle boxes on/off

The initial interface should offer at least most of these basic options, but in the future be expanded to support more advanced customizations.

planned 2017-03-01


Support base64 encoded image URI's

Add support for reading images that are base64 encoded data URI's: src="data:image/gif;base64,..."

planned 2017-03-15


Support GIF output format

Allow users to choose to create a .gif instead of a .mp4

planned 2017-04-01


Video Previews

Make video previews available to users prior to generating their final video.

planned 2017-04-01


Provide External Media

Offer a selection of external media (images, video clips, etc) from the internet that are related to the source content for incorporation into user videos. Initially this content will be limited to Creative Commons and Public Domain licensed media, but in the future provide premium content via partnerships with media providers.

planned 2017-05-01


Video Templates

Vidgen is currently limited to a specific style of video: title/byline at the top, subtitles at the bottom, both contained in black boxes with reduced opacity.

Research and implement different styles of videos not constrained to the above properties. Perhaps offer these differing styles as "templates" that users can choose.

planned 2017-07-01


Video Customization via HTML Attributes

Support video customization through the use of HTML tags and attributes. The end user should be able to choose which texts and images appear in their video by setting an attribute on the media elements they want to include. Maybe something like:

  • <img data-vidgen-img="2" src="...">
  • <p data-vidgen-text="2">Here's my second subtitle, it's rad.</p>

Where the attribute value specifies the order or timestamp the media should appear in the video.

completed 2017-02-25 2016-12-29